Sergio Ducón

San Gil, Santander.

Don’t miss out on visiting Sergio Ducón. He has devoted his entire life to teaching: the craft runs through his veins. He has had the opportunity to be the teacher of many, not only of new artisans, but also of people in vulnerable conditions: victims of violence and exclusion, as well as people deprived of their freedom. He has taught them the imagination and discipline of his trade, which can redefine their pain. Due to his educational work and his mastery as a weaver, he was awarded the Medalla a la Maestría Artesanal (Crafts Mastery Medal) in 2010. He studied textile design in Bogotá and opened his rug and tapestry store in 1987. He did so at first in Bucaramanga, where he is originally from, and finally settled in San Gil. There, he starts weaving at three o’clock in the morning every day to enjoy the cool weather and silent streets.


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