Eduardo Silva

Workshop: Taller artesanal Eduardo Silva
Craft: Trabajo en piedra
Trail: Santander Route
Location: Barichara, Santander


  Kilómetro 5 vía Barichara - San Gil

He belongs to the extraordinary group that is the stonecutters of Barichara. Moreover, he has an additional skill: being one of the few sculptors in town. Eduardo Silva ended up becoming a teacher by pure chance, according to him. It was 1984, and, since he was the fifth of six siblings, there was not enough money to send him to school. Thus, he began looking for a job and found one with master stonecutter Juan Pablo Figueroa. Eduardo was by his side until he died 17 years later. He learned most of what he currently knows during that time. Since then, he has done nothing but polish his craft.

Today, after 18 years of experience on his own, he looks back and sees how he has perfected the art of stonecutting, how he makes his work now more precisely and delicately than ever. Yet it took him 12 years of hard work to learn the trade. He shaped stones into squares to get them ready for the image carving process so that the master stonecutter could finish all the details. The day eventually came when Don Juan let him carve a face in the stone.

He also took a blacksmithing course that taught him to make the tools with which he would later carve faces and hands. He realized he was ready when he was able to fashion a stone horse. He speaks knowledgeably about the subject. As he remembers everything he has done, he realizes how much he has accomplished.

He prefers to work on large surfaces, so there are dozens of churches in the country boasting his stonework. They have in their possession altars, Corinthian columns, tabernacles, and small angels made by his own hands. He also crafts town square fountains, nomenclatures, large-scale signage, large-sized table bases, fireplaces, and graves, as well as stone figures of more than a meter in height of characters such as Jesus Christ, Saint Francis, The Mohán, or Buddha.

His workshop, located on the outskirts of town in the Parque Artesanal de Barichara, is one of 16 local stonemasonry workshops in the area, not including those who work directly in the stone quarries of Villanueva extracting the raw material. His eyes are trained to know which stone will give him exactly what he wants. He is not presumptuous, because everything that his hands touch will go through a conquering process that will result in a surprising piece.

Artisans along the way

Artisans along the way

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